Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to change login screen theme in Linux Mint 13

The default login screen of Linux Mint is pretty tedious in my opinion that's why this was one of the first things I changed after installing Linux Mint 13 (MATE). All I did was to edit the file /usr/share/mdm/themes/linuxmint/theme.xml by changing the background picture and re-arranging the position of the text, boxes and buttons. Here is the current login screen of mine, which is a modified version of the default one :

Change login screen theme in Linux Mint 13

If you dont like to edit the default theme, you can just install a brand new one to use. On Gnome-look, there are already some MDM themes  so you can just download these themes then extract them into the folder /usr/share/mdm/themes. After that, open the control center and click on the "login window" option:

edit login screen theme in Linux Mint 13

On the login window preferences, click on the local tab then select the new theme. You can also edit some other options too:

customize login screen theme in Linux Mint 13

Here is MintPro, the newest MDM theme on Gnome-look that you can use:

customize login screen in Linux Mint 13

Click here to download MintPro MDM theme

You can also use the existing GDM themes on Gnome-look as the login theme in your Linux Mint 13 box since MDM is based on GDM. However, before moving the themes to /usr/share/mdm/themes, you need to extract them and edit the part "GdmGreeterTheme.desktop" into "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop" first. After that, everything will work similarly to what I have said above

Click here to check all the GDM themes on Gnome-look

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