Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hanthana Linux 17

Danishka Navin has announced the release of Hanthana Linux 17, a Fedora-based distribution on a 3.5 GB live DVD with a large number of applications, media codecs and custom artwork: "Hanthana Linux 17 (Sithija) is released. Hanthana Linux 17, the latest release of Hanthana was published on the 3rd anniversary of the Hanthana Linux project. In addition to the host of applications, the new release has the official LibreOffice guide provided by the [Sri Lankan] Ministry of Education added as well. Hanthana Linux is not just another Fedora respin. As a project it facilitates the deployment of free and open-source software amongst the every-day PC user as well as the localization of FOSS software and documentation, and it provides training workshops as well." Read the release announcement for additional information and a screenshot. Download the live DVD image from here: Hanthana-17-i386-dvd.iso (3,671MB, SHA256).

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