Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lightweight Portable Security 1.3.6

Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) is a Linux live CD with a goal of allowing users to work on a computer without the risk of exposing their credentials and private data to malware, key loggers and other Internet-era ills. A minor maintenance update, version 1.3.6, was released yesterday: "Changes in Version 1.3.6 - maintenance release, released 14 September 2012: updated Firefox to 10.0.7 ESR; updated Firefox extension - HTTPS Everywhere 2.2.2; updated Firefox extension - NoScript 2.5.4; updated Thunderbird to 10.0.7 ESR (Deluxe only); updated Pidgin to 2.10.6 (Deluxe only); Flash not updated to (it crashes with YouTube); updated Java to 6u35; updated OpenSSH to 6.1p1; removed Firefox extension blocklisting, which generated spurious warnings; minor bookmark updates." See the complete changelog for further details. Download (MD5): LPS-1.3.6_public.iso (181MB), LPS-1.3.6_public_deluxe.iso (391MB).

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