Friday, September 14, 2012

openSUSE 12.2 "Edu Li-f-e"

Lars Vogdt has announced the release of openSUSE 12.2 "Edu Li-f-e" edition, an openSUSE variant specifically tailored to schools: "The openSUSE Education team once again presents Li-f-e (Linux for Education), built on hot-new openSUSE 12.2, including all the post-release updates. As always, this edition of Li-f-e comes bundled with a lot of softwares useful for students, teachers, as well as IT administrators of educational institutions. Apart from stable versions of KDE and GNOME, Cinnamon is also available. The Sugar desktop suite makes a comeback. Li-f-e also give full multimedia experience right out of the box without having to install anything extra. The live installable DVD image stands at 3.3 GB as an incredible array of software from the open source-world." See the release announcement for more details and screenshots. Download the live DVD image from here: openSUSE-Edu-li-f-e-12.2-latest-i686.iso (3,317MB, MD5, torrent).

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