Saturday, September 1, 2012

ROSA 2012.1 Alpha

Konstantin Kochereshkin has announced the availability of the first alpha build of ROSA 2012.1 "Desktop" edition, a desktop Linux distribution originally forked from Mandriva Linux: "In this alpha release the main emphasis was made on libraries and core system software. We have successfully rebuilt packages from the main repository with new libraries and adopted our package base to RPM 5.4.x requirements. Versions of system components included in the alpha release: RPM 5.4.9, GCC 4.7 Linaro, glibc 2.15, KDE 4.9.0, Perl 5.14, Linux kernel 3.5.1, systemd 189, Qt 4.8.2, GTK+ 3.4.4, FFmpeg 0.11.1, PHP 5.4.6. Currently GRUB 0.97 is used as bootloader, but it will be replaced with GRUB 2 at next stages of ROSA Desktop 2012 development. Note: this alpha release only supports KDE 4!" Read the complete release announcement for more details and relevant links. Download: ROSA.2012.1.Alpha.i586.iso (1,484MB, MD5), ROSA.2012.1.Alpha.x86_64.iso (1,495MB, MD5).

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