Saturday, October 20, 2012

GhostBSD 3.0-RC2

Eric Turgeon has announced the availability of the second release candidate for GhostBSD 3.0, a desktop-oriented operating system with GNOME or LXDE based on FreeBSD: "The second release candidate of GhostBSD 3.0 GNOME 2 and LXDE is now available for testing. Changes since LXDE RC1: FreeBSD 9.1-RC1 to FreeBSD 9.1-RC2; new WiFi configuration method; Firefox has replaced SeaMonkey; we have ported LXMusic to FreeBSD to replace Audacious; we have ported LxRandr to FreeBSD and add it; XChat has been added; X.Org is now automatically configured; Slim has been replace by GDM." See the release announcement for more details and known issues. Download: GhostBSD-3.0-RC2-gnome2-i386.iso (969MB, MD5), GhostBSD-3.0-RC2-lxde-i386.iso (628MB, MD5), GhostBSD-3.0-RC2-gnome2-amd64.iso (1,018MB, MD5), GhostBSD-3.0-RC2-lxde-amd64.iso (680MB, MD5).

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