Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to Get a list of Installed ‘web-apps’ and Remove them in Ubuntu 12.10?

Although it is very tempting, due to few reasons, I have decided to wait a few more months (hopefully) before I give a go at the new Ubuntu Unity’s ‘web-apps’ features. Now I did install few of these apps, but I had few glitches here and there and it doesn’t seem like the ‘web-apps’ feature is quite there yet (at least in my ‘short’ experience).

Anyhow, whether you use this feature or not, if you have installed some of these ‘web-apps’ through Firefox, then it can be a bit difficult to get rid of them later, as there is no way to get a list of currently installed ‘web-apps’ through the ‘Online Accounts’ tool (it does not show all the installed apps).
But luckily, you can use a simple trick in the Terminal window, to get a list of currently installed ‘web-apps’. And once it gives you the list, then you can use the usual ‘apt-get remove …’ command to get rid of them easily.
For that, please follow the below steps.
Step 1: Finding them.
Open your Terminal window and enter the below command.
dpkg --get-selections |grep unity-webapps
This as shown below, should give you a list of currently installed ‘web-apps’.

Note: ‘libunity-webapps0′ and ‘unity-webapps-service’ are core libraries of ‘web-apps’. So make sure not to remove them.
Step 2: Removing them.
Let’s say I wanted to get rid of the ‘Launchpad’ web-app, then I’ll use the below command.
sudo apt-get autoremove unity-webapps-launchpad
You can remove multiple ‘web-apps’ at the same time too. For that, make sure to add a ‘space’ between each package’s name, as shown below.
sudo apt-get autoremove unity-webapps-launchpad unity-webapps-youtube
Also remember to replace these package names with the ones installed on your Ubuntu OS (of course). That’s it.

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