Thursday, October 18, 2012

KDE Service Menu 1.4-5 Enhances Konsole Submenu

KDE Service Menu, a software that extends the features of the right mouse click on the Dolphin File Manager for KDE-4 graphical environment, is now at version 1.4-5.

The functionalities enabled by the KDE Service Menu include conversion of several video formats, audio track extraction, sending files to Thunderbird as email attachment, burning ISO files, execution of scripts, text replacing, and many other options.

Highlights of KDE Service Menu 1.4-5:

• "Konsole" submenu has been enhanced.
• A new submenu "GPG Tools" with items "Encrypt" and "Decrypt" on Dolphin's right click menu, has been added;
• "Convert Video" services have been updated;
• A bugfix for "Build Custom Kernel" and "Rebuild RPM Package" has been implemented;
• A new item, "System Information" has been added to submenu "System Tools" on KDE-Services" submenu and Dolphin's right click menu.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement

Download KDE Service Menu (kde-services) 1.4-5

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