Monday, November 12, 2012

5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Bloggers

Firefox is one of the best web browsers available today. The main reason for its popularity is the large community support and Add-ons/plugins which are available for the users. Firefox add-ons are available for nearly all user groups with different interests. There are a number of firefox add-ons or plugins which are available for bloggers. Some of The Best Firefox add-on for Bloggers are:
1. SEO Quake: This is a highly recommended firefox add-on for the bloggers. This plugin shows various ranks such as page rank, alexa rank etc of all the results which are shown in the Google for a particular search query. This add-on is best suited for both newbies and professionals who would be benefitted by the effectiveness and the competitive ability of the SEO efforts.
2. ScribeFire Blog Editor: This is a fully featured blog text editor that seamlessly integrates in your Firefox and allows you to edit and create posts for your blog. There are a number of features which are offered by this tool such as editing and dropping formatted text from the pages, publishing to one or more blogs, upload images and much more.
3. Yoono: This is another simple and easy to install sidebar firefox add-on that helps you a lot in your social media sharing. There are a number of buttons that connect you to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and other social accounts all at one place. This sidebar helps you to share your posts and other content across these social networks in an instant. This plugin also helps you to connect to your account and doesn’t let you miss any of the critical update. The plugin is also available for the Android, Google Chrome, iPhone and other platforms.
4. KGen: This is great firefox add-on that would help you in analyzing the keywords of the page you are viewing along with their distribution and the weight of the keyword in the page. This tool can be a handy tool to view your competitor’s keyword strategy. The plugin also generates various statistics about your page so that you can improve your blog’s quality. Kgen is a must recommended tool for the marketers/bloggers who rely on keyword position and weighing for their business.
5. Easy Comment: All bloggers and search engine optimizers know that the blog commenting is an integral part of any SEO campaign or activity. It is really time consuming and frustrating to fill out the details every time you visit some blog for commenting purposes. The easyComment allows you to fill out the comment forms with your details such as Name, Email and homepage URL automatically. Whenever you land up on a page, all your details would be filled up automatically and you only have to think about your message.

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