Saturday, November 17, 2012

Canaima GNU/Linux 3.1

Canaima GNU/Linux is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution from Venezuela. An updated build, version 3.1 based on "Squeeze", was released a couple of days ago. According to the project's website, the distribution is built in the spirit of social and technological policies leading to increased knowledge, innovation and technological independence in Venezuela and is meant for use in government organisations and communities of users. Some of the changes in this release include: software updates to LibreOffice 3.4, Cunaguaro 8.0 web browser with complete support for HTML 5, Turpial 1.6.6, Amigu 0.7.2; new applications, such as Ucumari - a control centre based on Ailurus Centro, Canaima Instalador - a new system installer written in Python, Software Center - a graphical package management front-end; newly included software applications.... Read the release announcement and also the detailed release notes (both links in Spanish) for further information. Download links: canaima-popular-3.1~estable_i386.iso (672MB, MD5), canaima-popular-3.1~estable_amd64.iso (696MB, MD5).

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