Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has become one of the best selling smartphones in the market, within two months after it’s launch it reached 10 million-unit sales mark . The galaxy s3 come with a lot of new attracting features but the main issue of galaxy s3 is regarding it’s battery life even though the phone is powered with 2100 mAh battery. The main issue is that even if the phone is in standby state the battery will get drained automatically. It seems that you’re one of the device owners suffering from this problem then we could have details of a simple fix for you.
increase battery life of galaxy s3 How To Increase The Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S3
Seem like Samsung has made a mistake in thepower_profile.xml  file. Samsung may have set the value to 34 mA in the standby cell power_profile.xml (practically impossible). In order to rectify this issue we need to modify the value to 3.4 mA instead of 34 mA.
A few developers from XDA Developers released a small mod which could solve this issue, you can install that mod easily on you Samsung Galaxy S3 by following these steps!

Follow these steps to install the mod on your galaxy S3.

You need to have root previlages to continue with the procedure, beofre starting you need to root your phone and install ClockworkMod . Once youinstalled ClockworkMod just follow these steps:
  • Download the mod from the following  link
  • Aftre downloading that file copy it to your SD card which is currently in use with the device.
  • Turn off your Galaxy SIII and boot  it into the recovery mode you can enter recovery mode by pressing (home button + volume down + power station).
  • Once the recoevry is loaded choose  Install zip form sdcard  and then  choose zip form SD card.
  • Select the file (cell_stand, confirm and apply the mod and reboot the device.
  • The mod will get successfully installed!
You will notice the diffrence once you start using your device, as you can see from the following images:
Fix Galaxy S3 Battery Drain Issue How To Increase The Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S3

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