Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kwort Linux 3.5 RC1

David Cortarello has announced the availability of the first release candidate for Kwort Linux 3.5, a CRUX-based lightweight Linux distribution that uses the GTK+ toolkit and the Openbox window manager: "Today I'm rolling out a new release of our system. We have been testing this release for over a week and it looks pretty stable. Our system got a complete update, from the toolchain to the latest X11 applications. We are rolling this release with Linux kernel 3.5.4, the latest Chromium (Firefox is available in the ISO image in more/xapps). The latest LibreOffice is also available in the ISO image (more/xapps) for you to install with kpkg. Most noticeable changes are in the installer and kpkg as both got a speed-up and I also gave kpkg the ability to upgrade a single package or the whole system. Ext4 has become the default file system." Visit the distribution's home page to read the full release announcement. Download: kwort-3.5rc1.iso (337MB, MD5).

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