Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Linux Fedora 18 Beta Ready for Release Review

Fedora is an operating system known particularly for its stability and its extreme scalability , and It is no coincidence if it is used on many servers more or less “big”, but this never become known for punctuality, indeed: three or four lags development cycle have become accustomed over the years, but the development cycle of Fedora 18 really put to the test nerves of the team of developers and patienceusers.

In total six postponements , exactly with the release Alpha 1 , mainly due to ‘ incomplete some features more - first – and at was tragic besetting the ‘ Anaconda installer - then. According to what he says Phoronixhowever, the development team seems to be ready to spread the Beta in line with the ‘ utlima release schedule , which would see the set to release on November 27 in practice in a week. For the final version of the operating system, however, there will be wait until 8 January 2013.
And it must be said: able – finally – our heroes to release the long-awaited spherical cow?

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