Friday, November 30, 2012

OpenELEC 3.0 Beta 2

Stephan Raue has announced the availability of the second beta of OpenELEC 3.0, a Linux-based embedded system built to run the XBMC entertainment media hub: "The OpenELEC team is proud to release the second beta of OpenELEC 3.0!. Internally this is known by the less-catchy name OpenELEC 2.95.2. This beta fixes some issues found in our beta 1 release, primarily fixing a non-working video output on our ATV builds. NVIDIA has decided to remove GeForce 6xxx and 7xxx support from newer drivers. For this beta we added NVIDIA's 304.64 driver as a legacy version for use with our ATV builds. Users who are using our generic builds together with GPUs older then GeForce 8xxx should switch to our Generic_OSS build or decide to change their graphic card to a newer model. Beta 2 also includes a new setting to change the amount of time before a hard disk goes into standby as well as some fixes for MCE compatible remotes." Here is the brief release announcement. Download (MD5): OpenELEC-ION.i386-2.95.2.tar.bz2 (104MB), OpenELEC-ION.x86_64-2.95.2.tar.bz2 (106MB).

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