Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top 5 Free and Best Android Apps for Bloggers

These days blogging is not just a hobby for people, it has become a passion for some and a source of income for others. You would find that these days many people are opting for blogging as a career. Most of the bloggers always want to check something or the other regarding their blogs even if they don’t have a PC or Laptop available at that moment of time. Since Android is the most popular and widely used mobile/tablet operating system these days, majority of bloggers would be having a smartphone or tablet running on Android OS.

Android has a great market place which contains thousands and thousands of apps for nearly every kind of user. There are lot of apps available for the bloggers as well which claim to make their work easy. We decided to write about Top 5 Free and Best Android Apps for Bloggers which would help them in doing certain tasks with ease. These apps would help the bloggers to stay connected with their blogs by just using an Android powered device. So Here are the Best Android apps for bloggers :

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most famous platform for blogging. These days bloggers choose wordpress as their blogging platform due to its ease of use and lots of customization options available for this platform. WordPress App for Android lets you perform various tasks like writing new post, editing content and even moderating comments on your wordpress blog. It supports both and self-hosted wordpress blogs. This app might come in handy at times like when you are out on a vacation and want to publish/review the posts submitted by guest authors and moderate comments. You can download wordpress app for android for free from here.

2. Blogger

It is the official blogger app developed by Google for people using Blogger as their blogging platform. Blogger is also one of the most famous and widely used blogging platform. The app can be used to perform number of functions such as composing a new post which can either be saved as draft or published immediately. It also lets you switch account/blog if you own multiple Blogger blogs under same account or different accounts. One of the best feature about the app is that it allows the user to take a picture directly from the app and embed it in the post. You can also add labels and location information in your posts using the app. You can download Blogger app for android for free from here.

3. Google Analytics

Each and every blogger wants to track various statistics about his blog like number of visitors, page views, bounce rate etc. Google Analytics is the best web analytics tool available today in the market and Google has developed an app which let’s you track all the above mentioned statistics about your blog on your android smartphone/tablet. For using the app you must have a Google Analytics account, if you don’t have an acccount simply read out tutorial how to setup google analytics account. You can download the Google Analytics app for android for free from here.
google analytics app

4. Hoot Suite

Hoot Suite is one of the best twitter tools available in the market today and a must have android app for bloggers. It allows you to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and foursquare all from one place. Since these days Twitter and Facebook are also a major source of traffic so these 2 social networks cannot be neglected any more. Hoot Suite allows you to update both Twitter and Facebook at the same time. It also lets you schedule your twitter updates. So now you can easily reply to comments and tweets regarding your blog posts. You can download Hoot Suite app for android from here.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a great app which lets you make notes while you are in college, conference, office or on a vacation. All the data is stored in cloud storage and it gets synced with all of your devices having Evernote. It allows the user to take notes, capture images, create to-do lists and much more. Think of a situation when you are on a holiday and an awesome Post idea strikes your mind, you can then simply note down your idea using Evernote and it gets synced to your PC/Laptop so that when you return home you can work on that idea further. App is available in both free and premium versions. You can download Evernote app for android from here.
These were the Top 5 Free and Best Android Apps for Bloggers. If you like any other android app which helps you in blogging, do share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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