Saturday, December 1, 2012

aptosid 2012-01

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann has announced the release of aptosid 2012.1, a new version of the project's desktop Linux distribution based on Debian's unstable branch. From the release notes: "New features in aptosid 2012-01 are Linux kernel 3.6 and numerous integration and stabilisation fixes. Special focus has been cast upon improving system compatibility with new hardware platforms like AMD Bulldozer or Intel Ivy-Bridge and reworking the live system environment. Kernel 3.6 doesn't only improve and stabilise hardware support for newer devices, it also adapts ASPM heuristics for better power-saving and improved battery runtimes. Another topic has been the kernel's entropy gathering framework, both improving its performance and quality for systems providing little entropy by themselves." Download (SHA256): aptosid-2012-01-kde-full-i386-amd64.iso" (2,054MB), aptosid-2012-01-xfce-i386.iso (509MB), aptosid-2012-01-xfce-amd64.iso (515MB).

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