Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Porteus 2.0 RC1

Ira McDaniel has announced the availability of the first release candidate for Porteus 2.0, a set of Slackware-based live images with a choice of KDE 4, LXDE, Razor-qt and Xfce desktop environments: "The Porteus community is excited to announce Porteus 2.0 RC1, the first development release of a new version for our standard and Xfce editions. Porteus is a lightweight, highly configurable and flexible live distribution based on Slackware that is optimized to run from USB drives, flash cards, CDs or other storage media. The 32-bit standard edition now ships with Razor-qt as the desktop environment, replacing Trinity/LXDE. Some of the more important changes from Porteus 1.2 include: bumped Linux kernel to 3.7.1 and userland to Slackware 14.0; switched to initramfs and added a second initramfs for PXE booting...." Visit the Porteus forum to read the full release announcement. Download: Porteus-v2.0-rc1-i486.iso (235MB), Porteus-XFCE-v2.0-rc1-i486.iso (198MB), Porteus-v2.0-rc1-x86_64.iso (224MB), Porteus-XFCE-v2.0-rc1-x86_64.iso (186MB).

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