Thursday, January 24, 2013

Descent|OS 3.0.2

Brian Manderville has announced the release of Descent|OS, a desktop Linux distribution combining the Ubuntu base system with the latest version of the MATE desktop environment: "I am pleased to announce that the 'Legacy' branch of Descent|OS has been updated to version 3.0.2. Since the main focus of the Ubuntu-based edition is stability, the main upgrades were big fixes. I have fixed the driver install issue, and also fixed the audio applet issue. Here is a list of the full changelog: PulseAudio is officially default, Mate-media-pulse is much more well-implemented than its GStreamer sibling, so I have implemented it to maintain consistency and make it easier for people to change their audio settings; MATE is updated to 1.4, this is actually a huge milestone, because MATE 1.4 is a stable, well-implemented version, and works better with everything in Descent|OS; Lubuntu Software Center is included...." Here is the brief release announcement. Download: DescentOS-3.0.2-i386.iso (1,081MB).

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