Thursday, January 10, 2013

PelicanHPC 2.9

Michael Creel has announced the release of PelicanHPC 2.9, a Debian-based live DVD that makes it possible to set up high-performance computing clusters in minutes: "PelicanHPC version 2.9 is available. Octave 3.6.3, dynare 4.3.1, some updates to the econometrics stuff, and also the usual sync to Debian. This release is mainly to incorporate package updates from Debian. A note: PelicanHPC is based on Debian stable ('Squeeze'), and is made using live-build v2.x. Before too long, the testing version of Debian ('Wheezy') will become stable. To make live images with 'Wheezy', you need to use live-build v3.x. The build script for PelicanHPC will need to be adapted to use live-build 3.x. I doubt that I will have time/interest to do that, so if anyone would like to take on the job, feel free to go for it." Visit the distribution's home page to read the brief release announcement. Download link: pelicanhpc-v2.9.iso (727MB, MD5).

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