Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sabayon Linux 11

Fabio Erculiani has announced the release of Sabayon Linux 11, a Gentoo-based distribution available in GNOME 3, KDE, MATE and Xfce flavours: "We're here once again to announce the immediate availability of Sabayon 11 in all of its tier 1 flavours. If you really enjoyed Sabayon 10, this is a release you cannot miss! There you have it, a shiny distro for your home computer, your laptop and your servers, virtualized or not. Linux Kernel 3.7 with BFQ iosched, GNOME 3.6.2, KDE 4.9.5 (upgraded to 4.10.1 as soon as it is available), Xfce 4.10, LibreOffice 3.6.3 are just some of the things you will find inside the box. Complete EFI/UEFI and UEFI SecureBoot support, greatly improved NVIDIA Optimus support through Bumblebee, MATE 1.4 for those missing GNOME 2.x...." Read the full release announcement for more details. Download links: Sabayon_Linux_11_amd64_G.iso (1,933MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_11_amd64_K.iso (2,443MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_11_amd64_MATE.iso (1,034MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_11_amd64_Xfce.iso (1,602MB, MD5, torrent).

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