Wednesday, February 6, 2013

See you soon Cyber-Cowboy…

Blendo Games, the developers of Atom Zombie Smasher, has an upcoming game that’s TURBO-RAD looking, Quadilateral Cowboy. Set in an alternate 20th century, the game uses the Doom 3 engine to create it’s hacker mercenary narrative. The venerable Rock, Paper, Shotgun interviewed Blendo’s Brendon Chung about the title last year:
As for why I chose to make Quadrilateral Cowboy, a lot of games have hacking minigames where you match colors together or whatever. But I’ve always wanted to just type commands into a terminal. That’s a very risky and niche design choice, so it’s understandable why people don’t do that. But I figured that I can do what I want, so I might as well give it a shot.
Second reason is that I felt like there hasn’t really been a game that really, really deep dives into pure cyberpunk. I mean, you have Deus Ex with really strong cyberpunk themes and tones, but I wanted to make a game based completely on cyberpunk [activities].
I can’t wait to punch deck.

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