Monday, February 25, 2013

Superb Mini Server 2.0.3

Superb Mini Server (SMS) 2.0.3, an updated build of the Slackware-based distribution for servers, has been released: "Superb Mini Server version 2.0.3 released (Linux kernel 3.4.33). It's that time again, this release feature the latest long-term support kernel 3.4.33, along with the latest stable releases of server packages, such as Postfix 2.10.0, Samba 4.0.3, Dovecot 2.1.15, MySQL 5.5.30, PHP 5.3.22. New packages in this release are: Heimdal, a Kerberos 5 implementation; Avahi, a Zeroconf implementation; libdaemon moved from /extra/avahi to main distribution; ConsoleKit, Polkit and libatasmart to fully support udisks; cifs-utils which split from the Samba package; elilo, an EFI linux bootloader (the installer doesn't have support for elilo); xhost, a server access control program for X. New packages on the extra ISO image are MariaDB, a drop-in replacement for MySQL and a built of CUPS with PAM support. SMS 2.0.3 features by default the long awaited Samba 4." Read the rest of the release announcement for more details. Download: SMS64.Native.CD-2.0.3-Install.iso (675MB, MD5).

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