Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mageia 3 Beta 4

Anne Nicolas has announced the availability of the fourth and last beta release of Mageia 3: "After all the delays in our Mageia 3 planning, we're very pleased to be able to announce the beta 4 release. Packagers and the QA team have worked hard to fix as many bugs as possible. We are now one month from the Mageia 3 final release, so your tests -- and reports! -- are more important than ever. This beta release comes with nearly all the designs for Mageia 3 integrated -- many thanks to Leo who made the background image for Mageia 2 and then worked again on the Mageia 3 design. Initially we're releasing the i586 and x86_64 DVDs and dual CD using the classical installer; work is still in progress on the live ISOs." Read the release announcement and release notes for more details. Download: Mageia-3-beta4-x86_64-DVD.iso (3,857MB, MD5, torrent).

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