Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quirky 5.4.91

Barry Kauler, the founder of Puppy Linux, has released a new stable build of Quirky, a minimalist distribution that attempts to explore new avenues and implement unusual ideas. This release of Quirky doesn't come as live CD image, but rather as a single kernel file that needs to be downloaded and then booted via an existing bootloader (instructions included). From the release notes: "It has been a very long time since the last official release of Quirky. Yes, despite the rather odd version number, this is a new public official release of Quirky. These are two ideas/features to play with in Quirky 5.4.91: absolutely everything built into a single (126 MB) file; f2fs (Flash Friendly File System). The idea was developed by the Linux kernel developers, in which an 'initial file system' can be built into the kernel. Various people, including myself, toyed with building all of Puppy into the kernel." Download the kernel file from quirky-5.4.91/kernel.qky (126MB, MD5).

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