Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pardus Linux 2013 "Community"

Following the release of the "Corporate" edition last month, the Pardus development team has now also released the "Community" flavour of Pardus Linux 2013 (or "1.0" as it is called in the announcement). Available in both Turkish and English, the "new" Pardus is a desktop-oriented distribution based on Debian's "testing" branch. From the release announcement: "We are doing a stable and useful Linux called Pardus Community edition 1.0. We are sure you'll enjoy the many improvements. We have done our best in terms of stability and security that you have come to expect. Pardus Community edition 1.0 is now based on Debian 'Wheezy' and built using tools provided by the debian-live project. Easy to install and use. And also all drivers are included. All images boot as live CDs but they can be installed on your computer with the included installer." Download the GNOME or KDE variant from SourceForge: pardus_community_2013_gnome_64bit_en.iso (1,748MB, MD5), pardus_community_2013_kde_64bit_en.iso (1,941MB, MD5).

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