Monday, April 8, 2013

Top 4 GPS Apps for Android

Google earth has been at the pinnacle in terms of GPS applications for a long time and all of Google’s operating systems have been providing for “Google earth”, so the GPS apps are joining hands with the Androids. With the help of a GPS tracking app, user can easily locate their position as well as the destinations’. The mobile GPS apps are capable to accomplish tasks which might appear to be impossible without proper wireless coverage. The Androids are providing some of the free GPS apps too which make it worth a try for the user without looking deep into their wallets. Of many GPS apps available in the market today, we have picked out the best few in our list which goes like:

1. Sygic

This app tops the list with its eye bound features. It provides for extra Tom Tom maps which might cost a fortune for regular users. The feature that keeps this app aloof from other apps is its ability to keep updating maps so the user doesn’t have to worry about new shorter routes. Another advantage to this app is that it stores the maps into Micro SD memory of the phone, so the user can access to maps even without the network. Its’ claimed to be one of the most downloadable GPS app in the world.

2. Skobbler

Don’t go on the odd name of this app, it ranks among the best GPS apps available in the market. The striking features of this app include its voice instructions and also it features 2D and 3D maps. It also has 2 modes- Walking mode and Car driving mode, User can avail any of the option based on their requirement.

3. Loopt

This app ranks 3rd in our list but is very effective for the users. It keeps updating its background on a regular basis and helps monitor traffic too. This app has a user friendly interface and is very easy to use. It is compatible with the social networking sites like face book, twitter and others and you can share your location status with friends. It works with IOS as well. All this comes for free which makes this App an irreplaceable one.

4. Co-Pilot

This App works the best for users who travel a lot. This app helps user save the maps in their SD card, so the maps are accessible even without a proper network, a huge storage of Micro SD provides you with the facility to fit the whole map of Russia in the phone. This app is extremely swift to use at the time of driving. Another feature added to this application is its voice alerts; they work lot better than in google maps. In a nutshell, this app is custom made for users spending most of their time in travel and for travelers, there is no better replacement for this application.
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