Sunday, September 22, 2013

SalentOS 12.04.3

Gabriele Martina has announced the release of SalentOS 12.04.3, an updated build of the project's Ubuntu-based set of DVD images offering a choice of Openbox or Razor-qt desktops user interfaces: "With great pleasure I announce the release of SalentOS 12.04.3, UbuBox and Razor-qt editions. After months of work on the 12.04.2 version here are the new ISO images with these main features: new Plymouth theme; replaced ADeskBar 0.4.3 stable with tint2 panel (UbuBox); Openbox main menu integrated into tint2 panel; Oblogout theme chooser to change the icon theme in Oblogout (UbuBox); latest Razor-qt stable Desktop (Razor-qt); updated all core packages and applications to their latest versions; all Ubuntu LTS updates; minor bug fixes and security updates." Here is the brief release announcement in Italian and in English. Download your preferred edition from SourceForge: ububox-salentos-12.04.3-x86.iso (966MB), razorqt-salentos-12.04.3-x86.iso (953MB).

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