Monday, July 16, 2012

Download Linux Kernel 3.5 Release Candidate 7

Linus Torvalds announced on July 14th that the seventh and probably the last Release Candidate of the upcoming Linux 3.5 kernel is now available for download and testing.

Linux kernel 3.5 RC7 comes with PowerPC fixes, various SOC fixes, USB, media, sound fixes, as well as Andrew's patch-bomb.

"Yeah, we need to talk about that. Because I last week I thought that making an -rc7 was not necessarily realy required, except perhaps mainly to check the late printk changes."

"But then today and yesterday, I got a ton of small pull requests, and now I find myself releasing an -rc7 that is actually bigger than rc6 was. Not cool, guys. Not cool," Linus Torvalds said in the email announcement.

Download Linux kernel 3.5 RC7

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