Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ubuntu One Files Java Library Released

Today, July 18th, Canonical posted on the Ubuntu One blog, that they've just released a Java library that will allow access to files stored on your personal Ubuntu One cloud storage account.

This means that by using this Java library any developer can now build applications that will have built-in support for the Ubuntu One cloud storage, allowing users to access their files.

"You can bundle it with the Ubuntu SSO Java library and harness Ubuntu One cloud storage in your apps. The Ubuntu One Files Java library allows you to talk to the Ubuntu One REST API from Java."

The Ubuntu One Java library has no Android dependencies, which means that it's suitable for use in applications built with Java SE 1.6 runtime, as well as Android apps.

For detailed documentation about the Ubuntu One Java library, how to download it, implemented it, etc. you can check out the official blog announcement.

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