Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zentyal 2.3-2

José Antonio Calvo today announced a beta release of Zentyal 2.3, a small business server for managing various network services: "We are glad to let you know that Zentyal has already entered the feature freeze period for 3.0, meaning that from now on we will be focused on polishing and bugfixing until September. Some of the highlights included in this new version are: first version of the brand new HTTP proxy module, with a much simpler interface and improvements like now it is possible to apply different filter profiles on different time periods; new features on Samba4, allowing to set administrator account or edit general settings without having to disable the module; several improvements in Firewall, OpenVPN and Captive Portal modules, featuring support for SNAT rules, MAC filtering and Captive Portal objects and services exceptions...." Follow the full release announcement. Download: zentyal-2.3-2-i386.iso (614MB, MD5), zentyal-2.3-2-amd64.iso (625MB, MD5).

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