Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Download Mozilla Firefox 15.0 for Linux

Mozilla has uploaded a few minutes ago, August 27th, the Mozilla Firefox 15.0 web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird 15.0 email client for all supported platforms, including Linux. Because the official release is supposed to be tomorrow, August 28th, there is no release announcement for Mozilla Firefox 15.0, but you can download the final version right now (see download link at the end of the article) from the official Mozilla FTP servers.
Highlights of Mozilla Firefox 15.0:
· Initial native support for PDF files;
· Supports version 3 of the SPDY networking protocol;
· Better performance, by enhancing WebGL with compressed textures;
· Add-ons now eat less memory;
· Integrated JavaScript debugger into developer tools;
· Added a new layout view to Inspector;
· Implemented the CSS word-break property;
· Implemented high precision event timer;
· Added a new responsive design tool, to allow web developers to easily switch between mobile and desktop views of sites;
· Added native support for the Opus audio codec;
· Added media attribute support to the element;

· Added support for the played attribute to the
For other Linux users, Mozilla distributes Firefox 15.0 as binary and source packages for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download Mozilla Firefox 15.0 

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