Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turbolinux 12.5

Turbolinux, Inc., one of the world's oldest surviving Linux companies in the world, has announced the release of Turbolinux Client 12.5, a Japanese operating system for desktops and embedded systems. This is the first update of the distribution since the release of version 12 in November 2007 and, like its predecessor, it comes with extended support (three years of maintenance followed by four years of security support). Turbolinux 12.5 uses Linux kernel 3.1.10 and it includes KDE 3.5.9, X.Org Server, Firefox 14.0.1, Thunderbird 14.0 and more software found in the distribution's online repository, such as LibreOffice 3.5.5. Read the press release (in Japanese) for further information. A freely downloadable (and installable) live CD image of Turbolinux 12.5 is available from the project's download page (in Japanese), but users are encouraged to purchase the full version (¥9,300), which includes extra Japanese TrueType fonts and the Turbo media player. Download link: MagnyCours12.5-2012082910.iso (654MB, MD5).

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