Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IPFire 2.11 Core 62

Michael Tremer has announced the release of IPFire 2.11 Core 62, a specialist distribution of Linux for firewalls: "Today, we are releasing the 62nd Core update for IPFire 2.11. This update fixes some security problems and also adds some new functionality. We recommend that you update your IPFire installations as soon as possible if you are using the outgoing firewall in mode Fixed: outgoing firewall permits hosts on BLUE to access the Internet. In earlier releases, it was possible for hosts on the BLUE network to access resources on the Internet which are allowed by the outgoing firewall although no permission has been granted to the host (blue access). This is a moderate risk." Read the rest of the release announcement for additional information. Download for the i586 or ARM architectures: ipfire-2.11.i586-full-core62.iso (77.6MB, torrent), ipfire-2.11.2gb-ext2.armv5tel-full-core62.img.gz (126MB, torrent).

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