Monday, November 5, 2012

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 Released News and Installation on Ubuntu

A new update of Ubuntu Tweak has been implemented and is available for download. Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 fixes many bugs found in the previous version but it also introduces some interesting news. Let’s find out the complete changelog:
  • Show apps installation status
No more
  • Recovery and Desktop Shortcut for 12.10
  • Add option to turn off Unity Web Apps
  • Remove “show indicator User” option for 12.10
  • Love Wallpaper HD is ready
Into Bugs fixed
  • QuickLists load failed in 12.04 (LP: # 1,073,004)
  • Window position control button not working for Ubuntu 12.10 (LP: # 1,061,218)
  • Window titlebar font setting is not working under 12.10 (LP: # 1,069,669)
  • Window theme setting is not working under 12.10 (LP: # 1,069,670)
  • Error in it.po Translations (LP: # 1,069,028)
As you can see there are many enhancements to Ubuntu 12.10 : You can now disable the Unity Web Apps, you removed the Desktop Recovery, Love Wallpaper HD is finally ready and working and was removed the option to show the User indicator. Inevitable, as always, bug fixes and various improvements. If you are interested in the release notes and the official announcement of Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2, you can see this page .

Install Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 on Ubuntu

Into To install Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.2 on Ubuntu 12.10 or Ubuntu 12.04 via PPA , just type in a terminal:
Into sudo add-apt-repository ppa: tualatrix / ppa sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak
Into If you want to use the deb package, instead, simply download it from this page .

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