Monday, April 1, 2013

Bodhi Linux 2.3.0

Jeff Hoogland has announced the release of Bodhi Linux 2.3.0, a new version of the Ubuntu-based distribution with the latest Enlightenment window manager: "After almost exactly three months since our Bodhi 2.2.0 release the Bodhi team and I are happy to announce the next update release for our 2.x.y series - Bodhi Linux 2.3.0. Again because this is a minor update release people who are already using our 2.x.y branch can simply upgrade to this release via their package manager. As with our 2.2.0 release there are three disc downloads for this version: 32-bit featuring a current PAE enabled kernel, 32-bit featuring a non-PAE kernel with older hardware support, 64-bit featuring a current kernel. Software wise we see the following updates with this release: Linux Kernel 3.8, Enlightenment 0.17.1, Midori 0.4.9, Terminology 0.3.0, eCcess system tool, Ubiquity 2.12." Here is the full release announcement with screenshots. Download (torrents): bodhi-2.3.0-64.iso (603MB, MD5, torrent).

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