Monday, April 1, 2013

Facebook desktop api not working Fine from 19th of March

 Is there any changes in facebook desktop api , as FacebookDesktop.login's callback function that was working fine ago,now returns fail for my Flex-Air desktop application. Here i means same code was working file before 19th of March.

protected function init(event:AIREvent):void
                    //Initialize Facebook library               
                    FacebookDesktop.init(APP_ID , handleLogin);
    // function to handle login
    protected function handleLogin(result:Object, fail:Object):void {
            trace (fail +" handleLogin " + result);
            if (result) { // User successfully logged in.                   
                } else { // User unsuccessfully logged in.
                                   // code

    // btnLogin click handler
    protected function handleLoginBtnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {

            FacebookDesktop.login(handleLogin, permissions);


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