Friday, July 6, 2012

ArchBang 2012.07.02 Now Has GParted

ArchBang, a simple GNU/Linux distribution which provides you with a lightweight Arch Linux system combined with the Openbox window manager, is now at version 2012.07.02.

ArchBang 2012.07.02 is now available for grabs, but users who already have the operating system installed and up-to-date don't have to upgrade. The developers also advise users to test under VirtualBox or as a Live CD.

Highlights of ArchBang 2012.07.02:

· GParted, a free partition editor, has been added;
· tint2rc was updated;
· The lxterminal config has been updated;
· GTK2, GTK3 and Openbox themes have been added;
· A new icon set has been added;
· A new wallpaper is now available;
· nm-applet and openbox-menu have been fixed;
· The documentation was updated.

 Download ArchBang 2012.07.02

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