Friday, July 6, 2012

Descent|OS 3.0 Alpha 2

Brian Manderville has announced the availability of the second alpha release of Descent|OS 3.0, an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the MATE desktop environment: "I am pleased to announce that Descent|OS Alpha 2 has been released. Lots of packages are now updated, and the MATE desktop seems to be behaving nicely. That said, the only work really left to do until our projected release date of August 29th is mainly cosmetic. The Plymouth theme needs to be changed and branded into a Descent|OS boot screen, and the Ubiquity install slide show has to be done as well. Apart from that, I am confident it can be used daily, but am only calling it another alpha in case more bugs show up and the fact that cosmetics are not completely finished. Happy testing!" Here is the brief release announcement. Interested testers can download the new Descent|OS live DVD image from here: DescentOS-3-alpha2-i386.iso (930MB).

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