Friday, July 6, 2012

Calibre 0.8.59 Fixes GNOME 3 Problem

Version 0.8.59 of the e-book reader and management software Calibre was announced on July 6th, with some important new features and fixes.

Calibre 0.8.59 comes with a lot of minor fixes and improvements, including some drivers for various devices.

Highlights of Calibre 0.8.59:

• Drivers for Samsung SGH-T989 and Sony Ericsson Sola have been added;
• When removing the first image, also remove the HTML file where the image is found in, if that file has no other content;
• A navigation panel at the bottom of each page, for the content server, has been added;
• A backup_metadata command to manually run the backup to opf from the command-line has been added;
• An option to swap main memory and card has been added;
• On Linux WM_CLASS for the main Calibre GUI is now set to 'calibre-gui' in order to match the name of the calibre-gui.desktop file. This is required by GNOME 3;
• News sources have been improved.

A complete changelog can be found in the official announcement.

Download Calibre 0.8.59

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