Friday, April 1, 2011

FreeNAS 8.0 RC4

Josh Paetzel has announced the availability of the fourth and final release candidate for FreeNAS 8.0, a FreeBSD-based operating system providing free Network-Attached Storage (NAS) services: "Announcing the final release candidate planned for the 8.0 release cycle. Release candidate 4 contains both bug fixes and new functionality over previous release candidates and betas. Snapshot functionality has been added; there are features to create periodic snapshot jobs, create one-time snapshots, clone snapshots (which can then be exported as shares like any other data set) and rollback to previous snapshot. VLAN interfaces are fully supported; VLANs can be created from the GUI or from the CLI menu on the console. NFS shares can be set to use the full range of maproot and mapall options." For further details please refer to the release announcement. Download (SHA256): FreeNAS-8.0-RC4-i386.iso (100MB), FreeNAS-8.0-RC4-amd64.iso (103MB).

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Shift 2 Unleashed-Black Box

Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
Release Date: March 29, 2011
Also on: PS3, PC

Repack Features

- Cut all other language except English
- Video quality Recorded to lower bitrate
- Added RELOADED Crack
- Registry for 32 & 64 Bit
- Need At least 1 GB Ram to Decompress
- Need At least free space 10 GB
- Installation Time 15 min
- Our Exclusive Installer include ( DirectX & Nvidia PhysX )
- Start the Game from Desktop

Note : shift2.dll may be detected as a virus don't worry
just allow it through your antivirus

Slackware Linux 1.0

Patrick Volkerding has announced the release of Slackware Linux 1.0, a Linux operating system for computers coming on 24 floppy disks and featuring Linux kernel 0.99pl10 with PS/2 mouse and normal hard drive support: "The Slackware Linux distribution (v. 1.00) is now available for anonymous FTP. This is a complete installation system designed for systems with a 3.5" boot floppy. It has been tested extensively with a 386/IDE system. The standard kernel included does not support SCSI, but if there's a great demand, I might be persuaded to compile a few custom kernels to put up for FTP. This release is based largely on the SLS system, but has been enhanced and modified substantially. There are two main disk series, A (13 disks) and X (11 disks). Some of the features: kernel source and image at 0.99pl11 Alpha compiled with normal hard drive and PS/2 style mouse support." Read the rest of the release announcement for more information. The complete set of 24 floppy disks is available for download from

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Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1

Kate Stewart has announced the availability of the first beta release of Ubuntu 11.04, code name "Natty Narwhal": "The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 11.04 beta." Some of the main features of the release include the new Unity desktop, Firefox 4.0, and the latest LibreOffice: "Unity is now the default Ubuntu desktop session. The Unity launcher has many new features, including drag and drop re-ordering of launcher icons, full keyboard navigation support, launcher activation through keyboard shortcuts, right-click context menu quick-list and switching between running applications. Ubuntu 11.04 comes with the latest Firefox 4.0 as standard web browser." Read the release announcement and release notes for further details. Download (SHA256): ubuntu-11.04-beta1-desktop-i386.iso (699MB, torrent), ubuntu-11.04-beta1-desktop-amd64.iso (691MB, torrent). Beta 1 CD/DVD images for Kubuntu (download, release notes), Xubuntu (download, announcement), Ubuntu Studio (download), Edubuntu (download) and Mythbuntu (download) are also available.

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