Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Linux Mint 2011 04 Xfce

Clement Lefebvre has announced the release of Linux Mint 201104 "Xfce" edition, a Debian-based rolling-release distribution: "The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint Xfce. Linux Mint Xfce is rolling on top of a Debian 'Testing' package base and uses the same repositories as Linux Mint Debian edition. This offers the following advantages to Linux Mint Xfce: a huge performance boost; a continuous flow of updates which allows users to keep their system up to date without waiting for new releases; a more mainstream desktop and software selection; an easier maintenance for the team which makes it easier to release in both 32-bit and 64-bit with every Linux Mint Debian edition release." See the release announcement for full details. Download (SHA256): linuxmint-xfce-201104-dvd-32bit.iso (958MB, torrent), linuxmint-xfce-201104-dvd-64bit.iso (943MB, torrent).

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Hoard RIP Unleashed

Compete or cooperate with other dragons in epic multiplayer battles
Your goal is simple, but challenging: build the biggest pile of gold
that you can

Every action you take will have an effect on your score in this
stratecade game that 1UP observes hides a surprising layer of
complexity and strategy. To be the best, youll need to fly deftly,
upgrade smartly, and use powerups to your advantage. Most of all,
youll need to control the kingdom around you: Burn the crops to the
ground or let them grow? Keep towns in ruins or let them flourish? In
HOARD, the dragon is in charge.


4 game modes: Treasure Collect, Princess Rush, HOARD (survival), and

Over 35 unique kingdoms

Support for 1-4 players

Upgradeable dragons with intense related strategy

Deep rewards system with over 100 Steam achievements

Leaderboards for global gold-hoarding score competition

Charming graphics and bass-thumping soundtrack

Winner: Best Quick Fix, Nominated: Best Competitive Multiplayer (IGN

Languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Shadow Harvest Phantom Ops

2025 and the world is shaken by numerous conflicts over the control of
dwindling natural resources. The hunger of rival warlords and dictators
of mainly underdeveloped countries for advanced and highly effective
weapon systems appears insatiable and the profits of the arms industry
have reached new heights.

As highly advanced weapon systems, made in the USA, are sighted on
various battlegrounds in Third World countries, the US government
decides to send in an ISA agent, Cpt. Myra Lee, to find out how
political enemies are acquiring arms that are under strict embargo.

Myra is sent to Mogadishu, where American made weapons have allegedly
been employed in combat by Somali military forces against rebel units.
In Somalia, Myra meets Cpt. Aron Alvarez, a hard-boiled close combat
specialist of US Army's 1st SFOD-Delta, whose squadron is assigned to
assassinate Somalia's dictator. Myra and Aron begin working together
only to discover that that the seriousness of the whole affair reaches
much deeper than just the illegal trade of US weapon systems.

A special unit under the codename SHADOW HARVEST is formed within the
ISA to reveal the truth. Cpt. Myra Lee and Cpt. Aron Alvarez are made
partners in the operational core of this special unit and their
investigations lead them to various places all over the world.

Based on the operations of the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA),
with missions ranging from gathering critical intelligence data to
covert direct action operations. The existence of the ISA has never
been officially confirmed by the US government.

Two completely different characters; each with very specific and fully
fleshed out sets of skills, preferences and abilities. Cooperatively
complete covert operations. Players may switch between each character
at any time, using either Aron's combat abilities or Myra's stealth
skills to solve the situation.

Players choose from a vast array of weapons and technologies that
enhance both characters strengths. Employ mechanized weapons to boldly
attack enemies from head-on or an invisibility shield to creep through
enemy territory undetected. Take advantage of refined game mechanics
that take the traditional shoot-to-kill approach to a new level.


When a covert operation to stop illegal arms sales reveals a full-scale
global conspiracy, a special unit under the codename SHADOW HARVEST is
formed to reveal the truth.

With two completely different characters serving as the unit's
operation core, you must choose from a vast array of weapons and
technologies that enhance both characters strengths.

Features a gripping storyline that unfolds organically through the
gameplay (doesn't rely on cutscenes to move the story along). The ratio
of gameplay to cutscenes is better than 13:1.

Players can switch between the two main characters at any time during
the game to take advantage of each character?s strength as well as
combat a sophisticated AI that adapts to the strategies you develop.

Open level design and option secondary objectives leave the outcome
completely up to the player to choose.

SteadyCam Pro Stabilizes Your iPhone 4 Videos In Real Time

How many times have you shot a video with your iPhone, only to find out later that it is too shaky to really enjoy? Obviously you’re not going to be able to carry around some sort of steadycam rig, so the next best thing you can do is use some sort of image-stabilization software. You can find this sort of thing in newer desktop video editing programs, but what about doing it while the video is being recorded? If you have an iPhone 4, you might just be able to do that.

The Steadycam Pro app is supposed to allow you to shoot videos while it smooths it out on-the-fly. It’s even supposed to take care of rolling shutter issues that your phone’s camera experiences. A demo of the app is free to download, though it will limit you to 15-second clips that are watermarked. I’ve not had a chance to test it out myself, but according to iTunes, it seems to have mixed results. Definitely try this one out before you spend the $3 to unlock the full version.

SteadyCam from midnox on Vimeo.

Mageia 1 Beta 1

Anne Nicolas has announced the availability of the first beta release of Mageia 1, a Mandriva Linux fork set up by former Mandriva developers and contributors: "As has been stated in the Mageia roadmap, Mageia 1 beta 1 is now available for tests. The first Mageia stable release is planned for 1st of June (which is now quite near). Our focus is always on improving distribution content but also lots of work was done on localisation support (locales, main applications, Asian locales). Core package versions include: Linux kernel, KDE 4.6.1, GNOME 2.32, Firefox 4.0. For beta 1, the Mageia team has set up an easy page to help you download the ISOs: have a look at the download page. Also note that torrents have been set up for beta 1. Two live CDs will be available on the mirrors, on 7th of April at the latest." See the release announcement and release notes for further information. Download (mirror list): mageia-dvd-1-Beta1-i586.iso (3,839MB, MD5, torrent), mageia-dvd-1-Beta1-x86_64.iso (4,053MB, MD5, torrent).

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