Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

In the New Orleans ­underground, Dylan Dog, a private investigator of the undead, tracks an artifact that will help prevent a war from breaking out among his werewolf, vampire, and zombie clients.

White iPhone 4 to be out later this month

But it looks like the wait is almost finally over, as Bloomberg reports it has credible insider knowledge that a white iPhone 4 will be released by the end of April for both Verizon and AT&T customers.

For some reason, Apple had difficulty securing the right components for white casing and components, leading to multiple terse press releases pushing back the albino phone's availability. It even noted in one release that the seemingly simple process of just getting a new paint job for the existing components was harder than the company ever anticipated.

It looks like Apple must have figured out some sort of white electronic magic, since it was able to release the iPad 2 in white without any hesitation. And now apparently it has also solved the white iPhone 4 dilemma.

Of course, coming nearly a year after the original iPhone 4 was released, it is already kind of obsolete. Many expect the iPhone 5 to be available in a matter of months.

Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.04 Milestone 5

Phil Miller has announced the availability of the fifth and final milestone release of Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.04, a KDE-centric distribution based on Arch Linux: "Almost two weeks have passed since our last milestone release. We are now proud to present our fifth and last milestone before the final release of 'Aida', planed for the 22nd of April. We have fixed KDE 4.6.2 and some other packages to get it much more stable than before. The Burg installation system got improved and it now includes GPT support. Also the WLAN detection in live-mode works now, so you have instant Internet access for installing language packs using Tribe, our installer. Appset-Qt is included in version 0.4.0, fully translated and with the support of CCR, our community repository." More details in the release announcement. Download: chakra-2011.04-ms5-i686.iso (691MB, MD5), chakra-2011.04-ms5-x86_64.iso (700MB, MD5).

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Epidemic GNU/Linux 3.2

Epidemic GNU/Linux 3.2, a Brazilian desktop distribution based on Debian's "testing" branch, has been released. New features in this version include: eMorph - a new utility which serves as a second system installation step and which allows users to install or remove selected sets of programs, extending or reducing the functionality of the system with just a few mouse clicks; eUpgrade - a new tool which makes it easy to upgrade the distribution to a newer version from the comfort of a graphical application; ePendrive - a utility that allows the user to save changes made to the distribution while running it from a USB storage device; improved, beginner-friendly installer written in C++ and Qt.... Read the detailed release announcement (in Portuguese) to find out more about the release. Download the live DVD image supporting Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English languages from here: epidemic-3.2-1-i686.iso (1,039MB, MD5).

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