Tuesday, March 26, 2013

antiX 13 Beta 2

The second development build of antiX 13, a lightweight Debian-based distribution designed to run fluently on older computers, is ready for testing: "antiX 13 beta2 full ISO images available for testing in 32-bit and 64-bit variants. Features: 3.6.11 antiX kernel for the 32-bit flavour and 3.7.10 antiX kernel for the 64-bit flavour; the 3.8.4 antiX kernel available in the repository for those who want or need a more up-to-date version; dist-upgrade on 24 March 2013. Most work since beta 1 has focused on customising the live boot menu to include a whole range of boot options via Fn keys: chosen boot parameters can be customised and saved on writable media; the versions of applications shipped come from the Debian 'Testing' repository; latest Iceweasel browser and LibreOffice versions are available via the meta-package installer...." Visit the news section on the project's Wiki pages to read the release announcement. Download: antiX-13-beta2-pt1_x64-full.iso (693MB, MD5), antiX-13-beta2-pt1_386-full.iso (693MB, MD5).