Wednesday, November 1, 2017

OpenIndiana 2017.10


OpenIndiana is an open source operating system based on the Illumos project and a member of the Solaris family. The project has released a new version, OpenIndiana 2017.10, which features updates to the display server and the MATE desktop environment. The new version also supports binary compatibility with Solaris 10u10. The release announcement reads: "We have released a new OpenIndiana Hipster snapshot 2017.10. The noticeable changes: Xorg server was updated to 1.19.5. MATE was updated to 1.18. Text installer now can perform basic OpenIndiana installation to existing ZFS pool (for example, in parallel to another OpenIndiana installation). Cluster suite was updated. ABI compatibility for Solaris 10u10 binaries was added. We've started to remove GNOME 2 applications and libraries. Be warned if (by some strange reason) you still haven't switched to MATE." Additional information can be found in the project's release notes. Download (pkglist): OI-hipster-gui-20171031.iso (1,504MB, SHA256, signature, torrent), OI-hipster-text-20171031.iso (688MB, SHA256, signature). Also available from OSDisc.