Friday, June 10, 2011

Toorox 06.2011

Jörn Lindau has announced the release of Toorox 06.2011 "GNOME" edition, a Gentoo-based distribution showcasing the new GNOME 3 desktop: "A new version of Toorox 'GNOME' has been finished. This one contains the GNOME esktop 3.0.2. What's new? The kernel is Linux 2.6.39-gentoo and USB 3.0 support has been built-in. The deprecated ATA tree has been removed; also HAL is not needed and has been removed. The nouveau graphics driver is now part of Toorox and this makes it possible to enable graphics acceleration for the GNOME desktop. The hardware detection was updated for all graphics chipsets. Many packages have been updated: X.Org Server 1.10.2, IceCat 4.0.1, Thunderbird 3.1.10, LibreOffice 3.4.0, Audacious 2.5.1, Wine 1.3.21, Pidgin 2.7.11, Brasero 3.0.0, Totem 3.0.1." Read the full release announcement for more information and known issues. Download (MD5) the live DVD images via BitTorrent: Toorox_06.2011-32bit_GNOME.iso (1,535MB), Toorox_06.2011-64bit_GNOME.iso (1,716MB).

Peppermint OS Two

Kendall Weaver has announced the release of Peppermint OS Two, a lightweight, Lubuntu-based distribution featuring the Openbox window manager: "It is our distinct honor to announce the release of the second major iteration of Peppermint OS. Peppermint Two is now available either for free download or via purchasable live CD. This edition is based upon Lubuntu 11.04 and includes a number of new features. Also this marks the first time Peppermint has been available for the 64-bit architecture. I'll take a moment to cover some of the new features present in this release: we're now using Chromium as the default web browser in our main release; the Ice SSB application has added functionality for removing SSBs as well as creating them; we've added some additional example SSBs to the default install from pixlr...." Read the remainder of the release announcement for further details. Download (MD5): Peppermint-Two-i386-06052011.iso (442MB), Peppermint-Two-amd64-06052011.iso (479MB).

Dungeon Siege III RELOADED