Wednesday, February 6, 2013

See you soon Cyber-Cowboy…

Blendo Games, the developers of Atom Zombie Smasher, has an upcoming game that’s TURBO-RAD looking, Quadilateral Cowboy. Set in an alternate 20th century, the game uses the Doom 3 engine to create it’s hacker mercenary narrative. The venerable Rock, Paper, Shotgun interviewed Blendo’s Brendon Chung about the title last year:
As for why I chose to make Quadrilateral Cowboy, a lot of games have hacking minigames where you match colors together or whatever. But I’ve always wanted to just type commands into a terminal. That’s a very risky and niche design choice, so it’s understandable why people don’t do that. But I figured that I can do what I want, so I might as well give it a shot.
Second reason is that I felt like there hasn’t really been a game that really, really deep dives into pure cyberpunk. I mean, you have Deus Ex with really strong cyberpunk themes and tones, but I wanted to make a game based completely on cyberpunk [activities].
I can’t wait to punch deck.


Anodyne, a retro-themed top-down adventure game which received praise from various quarters, including the IGF, has been released:
Anodyne is an adventure game that focuses on immersing the player through a combination of 16-bit era visual and audio aesthetics, Zelda-esque action/adventure gameplay mechanics, and exploration of the human Young’s dream world, which contains urban, natural, and abstract themed areas.
You can also vote for the game’s inclusion on Steam at Greenlight.