Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Retro Game Boy Modified into an Android Gamepad

There are tons of great retro game emulators for the Android platform, put using the touch screen as a game controller is a lackluster solution. This fun electronics hack turns an old Game Boy into a case/controller for your phone.
Courtesy of Chad Boughton, this hack merged the guts of a Wiimote with the case of an old Gameboy. Just clip your phone into the bracket in the top of the Game Boy case, link the two by Bluetooth, and enjoy a beefier and more tactile controller for your games.
If you want the same experience without the destruction of a perfectly good Wiimote and all the DIY work involved, you may want to check out the MOGA system, a very similar (but commercially produced) system for Android phones–just make sure to download the unlock app to use it with the emulator of your choice.

OS4 13.2 "OpenDesktop"

Roberto Dohnert has announced the release of OS4 13.2 "OpenDesktop" edition, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution with a customised Xfce desktop: "Today we are pleased to announce the release of OS4 OpenDesktop 13.2. This release brings a long-awaited update to our next-generation desktop operating system platform. With this release we have also refreshed our pre-installed hardware line. Some of the advancements brought to OpenDesktop 13.2 are: Linux kernel 3.2, the 3.5 kernel is still available in the repositories; Thunar 1.6.3; Fogger for creating we-based desktop applications; parental controls; support for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Nook-based tablets; a new system profiler and benchmark utility. It also brings updates to applications and device drivers as well as bug fixes in the kernel itself." Read the full release announcement for additional information. Download the live DVD image from SourceForge: os4-opendesk132-64.iso (1,510MB, MD5).

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9

The legacy 5.x branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) has moved to version 5.9, incorporating all recent feature and security updates: "Red Hat, Inc. today announced the next minor release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9. This release marks the beginning of Production Phase 2 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and demonstrates the company's continuing effort to promote stability and the preservation of customers' investments in the platform. It maintains Red Hat's commitment to a 10-year life cycle through the introduction of several new features, including hardware enablement, security, standards and certifications, developer tools, virtualization, and more. As with all minor releases, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 maintains backwards compatibility with hardware and software platforms across the life cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5." See the press release and the detailed release notes for more information. Existing RHEL customers can obtain the updated installation DVD images from Red Hat's download centre.

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