Saturday, March 17, 2012

Salix OS 13.37 "Live KDE"

Salix OS 13.37 "Live KDE", a Slackware-based live DVD featuring the KDE 4.5.5 desktop, has been released: "The Salix Live team is proud to announce the immediate release of Salix Live KDE 13.37. Following Salix Live Xfce 13.37, this release is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. This release is also built using SaLT (Salix Live Technology), a new system of Live tools for Slackware-based distributions, developed in-house, in order to build live CDs in a more dynamic fashion with very little modifications from the host system. SaLT offers considerably more power when creating a live system compared to other tools that were used previously and is the reason that it is now possible to produce 64-bit images to complement the collection of Salix live images. The software included in this release is exactly the same as that present in the standard Salix KDE 13.37 release." See the release announcement for more information. Download (MD5): salixlive-kde-13.37-32.iso (726MB, torrent), salixlive-kde-13.37-64.iso (745MB, torrent).