Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AV Linux 6.0.1

Glen MacArthur has announced the release of AV Linux 6.0.1, an updated version of the Debian-based distribution with a collection of audio and video production software: "Out of the uncertainty of the successful AV Linux 6.0 release an unexpected 6.0.1 update has arrived. What began as a minor update to bring a few bug fixes and fresh releases of Ardour 3 and Kdenlive to the DVD image has ballooned into a major update encompassing many of the main applications and bringing the best of what is new and happening to Linux audio and video enthusiasts. Changelog: updated to Trulan's Linux kernel with Yamaha THR10 patches and USB 2 audio clock switching patch; complete new 'Dozer' theme and graphics; two new menu sections for audio and video utilities...." Continue to the release announcement to read the complete changelog. Download the live DVD image from here: avlinux6.0.1-lxde-i386-en.iso (3,115MB, MD5, torrent).

Football Manager 2014 is coming to Linux

Over a year ago, Sports Interactive has informed me that due to small number of users they have no plans to release Football Manager for Linux.

Since the release of Steam for Linux, more and more game companies go into business with Linux games and, recently, the director of the studio Sports Interactive Miles Jacobson has announced via Tweeter that the next version of Football Manager will also be released for Linux.

As Football Manager is probably the most popular and most realistic football manager at the moment, a lot of football fans among Linux users will surely be very happy with this announcement. However, Football Manager 2014 will initially be only released for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and also, the game can not be purchased in every country (e.g. Germany).