Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tiny Core Linux 4.6

Robert Shingledecker has announced the release of Tiny Core Linux 4.6, a minimalist but extensible Linux distribution with a simple and fast graphical user interface: "Team Tiny Core is proud to announce the release of Core 4.6. Change log: new mirrorpicker GUI - select fastest mirror; updated Apps GUI to add first run and menu option for mirrorpicker GUI; updated ScmApps GUI to add first run and menu option for mirrorpicker GUI; updated tce-status, added -o option for orphan file checking on HTTPD mirrors; updated Apps GUI to add Orphan file check; updated tc-config improved PRETCE raid disk support; renamed ab to tce-ab to avoid Apache name conflict and allow to start without specifying a search target; updated BusyBox added lsof applet and link...." The release announcement includes a complete technical changelog. Download: TinyCore-4.6.iso (12.0MB, MD5), CorePlus-4.6.iso (65.0MB, MD5).

Zentyal 3.0 RC1

José Antonio Calvo has announced the availability of the first release candidate for Zentyal 3.0, an Ubuntu-based server distribution for small and medium-sized businesses: "The Zentyal development team is proud to announce that you can now download the Zentyal 3.0-rc1 installer for testing. This is the first release candidate for the 3.0 stable series - the next stable Zentyal server version, Zentyal 3.0, will be published on the 13th of September. This version comes already with all the Zentyal 3.0 features. From now on, all the focus will be on bug fixing, polishing details and also preparing the migration process from 2.2 to 3.0. Changes: brand new look & feel of the user interface; new Samba module; improvements in Zarafa...." See the release announcement for further information. Download: zentyal-3.0-rc1-i386.iso (635MB, MD5), zentyal-3.0-rc1-amd64.iso (662MB, MD5).